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Notification of censurable conditions at a construction site

For working life and society in general, it is important to expose censurable conditions at construction sites. Sykehusbygg HF encourages both internal and external actors to submit a notification if they experience conditions on our construction sites that can be described as censurable.

​Notification is an important part of health, safety, and environmental work, and it provides an opportunity to expose and improve censurable conditions. Examples of censurable conditions may include violations of legal rules, violations of internal rules, or violations of ethical norms. Examples of notification cases may include violations of laws or regulations, criminal offenses, bullying and harassment, deficient safety procedures, or danger to life and health. Anyone can make a notification about censurable conditions – regardless of the terms of their employment and job title. Notifiers can choose to remain anonymous.

Form for the notification of censurable conditions at a construction site ​

For questions about notification, please contact Sykehusbygg HF’s Special Adviser for Work-Related Crime, Morten Engeset-Nordranger Mobile +47 48 04 65 78 Email:morten.nordanger@sykehusbygg.no

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